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Thai cuisine has developed over many centuries by incorporating the cooking styles and ingredients from many countries in the region, in particular from India and China.

This blend gives Thai food it's unique taste and balance of flavours, with each dish being based on a combination of the essential flavours, hot (spicy), sweet, sour and salty. But Thai food is not just about the taste, textures and colours are also very important.



Contrary to popular belief not all Thai food is extremely hot (spicy), there are many Thai dishes that contain no chilli at all. Whilst it is true to say most Thai's love their chillies and can eat food that is so spicy few westerners would enjoy it, even in Thailand the amount of chilli in a dish is a personal preference. At Maekong Thai we err on the side of caution when adding chillies to ensure eating a spicy dish is both a flavoursome and pleasurable experience.

As all our dishes are cooked to order we can adjust the amount of chilli in each dish to suit your requirements. If you would like your food to be milder or spicier than normal please state your preference when placing your order.

The Available Selection

Our Thai chefs have many years experience in the preparation of Thai food and use their skill to produce an exquisitely balanced blend of flavours for each dish. Our extensive icon evening menu incorporates well known Thai dishes, such as Thai Fish Cakes and Green Thai Curry, with an array of less well known but equally flavoursome dishes ranging from Thai style sweet and sour to the very spicy jungle curry.


Ordering Your Meal

Each dish served at the restaurant is sized to be sufficient for one person when accompanied with a rice or noodle dish. This allows each diner to choose their own meal or, alternatively, you can opt to eat Thai style and order a selection of dishes (one dish per person or one of the set meals) and share them. This has the advantage of allowing you to sample a variety of flavours.

If you are unsure about what to order our staff will be happy to recommend dishes to suit your palate.

Eating Thai Food

In Thailand, food is generally eaten with a spoon and fork; the fork being used to guide food onto the spoon and the food is eaten from the spoon. Chopsticks are also used, but only for noodle dishes. Our tables are laid with a spoon and fork but knives and chopsticks are also available for those who prefer to use them.

Food Allergies

For detailed information on the allergens in our food please see our icon allergies page.

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