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Our chefs are also skilled in the traditional Thai art of fruit and vegetable carving. The tradition dates from the time of the poet King Rama II (1809-1824) who was responsible for a renaissance in Thai arts and culture. The King wrote a poem in which he told the story of a queen who had been banished from the palace by a rival. Disguised as a kitchen maid, she returned to the palace and managed to contact her son by carving scenes from her life on each piece of marrow for a marrow soup, which he was to eat. Her son recognised the scenes and went to the kitchen where he found his missing mother and she was reinstated. And so the tradition of carving vegetables was born.

Some examples of our chefs skills are included below, please click on a thumbnail image to see a larger copy of each image.

Flowers carved from swede

Baby dragons carved from swede and inlaid with carrot

Birds, Animals, Fish etc carved from swede and carrot

Valentines carving from swede and beetroot

Cars from swede and carrot

  Halloween Pumpkin Faces

Head Chef, Watchala Phongtong, carving dragon heads from solid blocks of chocolate.

The dragon heads were part of a charitable fund raising organised by the Chocolate Deli.

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