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We can cater for most food allergies and have produced a icon data sheet detailing which of our dishes contain any of the 14 allergens specified by The Food Information Regulations EU1169/2011 (FIR Regs).

If you have an allergy which is not listed or if you are unsure whether we can cater for your needs please icon contact the restaurant to discuss your requirements.

Whilst we do our utmost to provide meals for all allergy sufferers unfortunately it is not always possible to make a version of every dish on the menu that will be suitable for every allergy sufferer. In particular our starters are made in advance and therefore we can not make starters that will be free of a normally present allergen unless we are given several days prior notice.

What Allergens Are In Our Food?

To help allergy sufferers and those with food intolerances we have produced a icon data sheet giving details of which of the 14 most common allergens are in each dish we produce.

When reading the data sheet, if a dish contains an allergen please look in the notes column to see if it can be made without that allergen. For example most of our dishes contain soya and gluten as both of these allergens are present in soya sauce which is used extensively in Thai cooking but some of these dishes can be made without soya sauce (see note 2 on the data sheet).

What Allergens Are Used In Our Kitchen?

The following allergens are present as raw ingredients in the kitchen:

  • celery Celery
  • fish Fish
  • molluscs Molluscs
  • shellfish Crustacea
  • nuts Nuts
  • egg Egg
  • peanuts Peanuts
  • milk Milk
  • sesame Sesame

The following allergens are found in other products used in the kitchen:

  • gluten Gluten
  • soya Soya
  • mustard Mustard
  • sulphur dioxide Sulphur Dioxide

Cross Contamination Through Contact

Whilst we make every effort to prevent cross contamination of allergens there is always the possibility cross contamination may occur. If you have an allergy please ensure you inform your waiter/ress when ordering your meal, even if that allergen is not normally present in the ordered dishes, so we can take extra precautions to reduce the risk of any cross contamination occurring whilst preparing your meal.

Cross Contamination During Cooking

The woks and utensils are cleaned before each dish is prepared but the deep fat fryers will have been used to fry items containing allergens, therefore any items that require frying may become cross-contaminated with any allergens that maybe present in the cooking oil from cooking other items.

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